The Political Machine 2012 Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Grasp a presidential victory 10 times. 10 Top-tier Triumphs!!!
    Grasp a presidential victory 20 times. 20 Wins
    Grasp a presidential victory 5 times. 5 Fantastic Finishes!
    Start a Multiplayer game. A Friendly Battle
    Win 5 multiplayer games. A Lean, Mean Political Machine!
    Win the election with a custom candidate. Accept no Substitute
    Win big by taking all the states. Clean Sweep
    The blue states triumph! The red states start hoarding water and supplies for the impending collapse of society. Democratic Victory
    Upgrade any type of building to their max level. Fully Armed and Operational
    Hire one of every type of Political Operative in a single game. Gathering an Army
    Add insult to injury by taking your opponents home state. Home Court Denial
    Claim victory on November 6nd. Don't make plans for that have a date with this achievement. Just Like in Real Life
    Create a custom candidate and show these carpetbaggers how its done. Made for Greatness
    Win a multiplayer game. Multiplayer Victory!
    Attack your opponents stance on in issue, either in a speech or an ad. Novice Mudslinger
    Raise awareness in a wealthy state to gather $400,000 at a single fundraiser. President Moneybags
    "Yes we can!" for four more years, then term limits dictate we cannot. President Obama
    Who says a fractured Republican base can't get the job done? President Romney
    Chuck Norris, Snoop Dogg, and the rest of America has spoken! Ron Paul 2012! President...Paul?!
    The red states triumph! The blue states start hoarding water and supplies for the impending collapse of society. Republican Victory
    Create over 100 attack ads, securing your place as a true red, white, and blue politician. So Very, Very Rude
    Play a game with all map settings randomized. Totally Random
    Win the electoral vote but lose the popular vote. Won by a Hanging Chad

    Contributed by: Guard Master