The Ploshers Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    This title has a total of 50 Steam Achievements. Meet the specified conditions, where applicable, to receive the Achievement.

    golden_star_1 golden_star_1
    golden_star_10 golden_star_10
    golden_star_15 golden_star_15
    golden_star_20 golden_star_20
    golden_star_25 golden_star_25
    golden_star_3 golden_star_3
    golden_star_30 golden_star_30
    golden_star_35 golden_star_35
    golden_star_35 golden_star_40
    golden_star_5 golden_star_5
    stage_01 stage_01
    stage_02 stage_02
    stage_03 stage_03
    stage_04 stage_04
    stage_05 stage_05
    stage_06 stage_06
    stage_07 stage_07
    stage_08 stage_08
    stage_09 stage_09
    stage_10 stage_10
    stage_11 stage_11
    stage_12 stage_12
    stage_13 stage_13
    stage_14 stage_14
    stage_15 stage_15
    stage_16 stage_16
    stage_17 stage_17
    stage_18 stage_18
    stage_19 stage_19
    stage_20 stage_20
    stage_21 stage_21
    stage_22 stage_22
    stage_23 stage_23
    stage_24 stage_24
    stage_25 stage_25
    stage_26 stage_26
    stage_27 stage_27
    stage_28 stage_28
    stage_29 stage_29
    stage_30 stage_30
    stage_31 stage_31
    stage_32 stage_32
    stage_33 stage_33
    stage_34 stage_34
    stage_35 stage_35
    stage_36 stage_36
    stage_37 stage_37
    stage_38 stage_38
    stage_39 stage_39
    stage_40 stage_40

    Contributed by: Eevee-Trainer