If you can't buy a real machine, buy this!

User Rating: 8 | The Pinball Arcade PS3
Having "real life" tables in a pin sim made all the difference for me. Having played (and loved) all these tables, the feeling and sounds a spot on. Aside from a touch of unresponsiveness on the flippers (but not a deal breaker....just a hair off), this game really brings a true pinball feel home. upcoming DLC packs that are suppose to be on the way is going to keep me playing for many months to come. Marvel and Zen pinball's "made up" tables never reached the layered feel of these great tables. From the simple, tricky, layout of "Black hole" and its underside playfield, to the over the top packed field of "Ripley's believe it or not". there is a table for every players style. Bonus history lessons about each table, with advertising is a nice perk for fan. If your a pin sim fan, this is a need addition to the collection. truly fun.