Not to be taken too seriously!

User Rating: 7.8 | The Outfit X360
Imagine playing as G.I. Joe fighting the good fight, only this time the good fight is against the Nazis. And just like in G.I. Joe, you cant die! When I bought this game I was thinking the 360 had put out a kick@$$ version of the great ps2 classic, Mercenaries.... well.... I was wrong. This game has a few similarities to that game, such as: good destruction, the ability to call on firepower, and three over the top playable characters. But thats pretty much where the similarities end. Mercenaries was a more serious game with actual goals and strategy. The Outfit has no strategy to it at all and there is nothing overly serious about this game. You basically run into an area with Nazis and you kill them and blow stuff up...and you die....but like I said before, you dont really die because guess what....... you respawn in three seconds!! Being able to respawn really kills any strategy to this game...theres just no point in hiding or taking cover, just call in the tank and kill as many Nazis as you can before they get you...and then respawn and do it again. This leads me to me complaints about this game. It is repetative, kill Nazis, blow up a tank, die, respawn, kill some more. My major problem with this game is the controls and the basic gameplay itself. Shooting is near impossible from long range, you basically have to be standing right in front of your target for it to go down, and even then it doesnt always work. Second is the vehicle controls.... which are HORRIBLE!! Tanks are so frustrating to control that they almost arent worth driving. But on the positive side. This game can be fun and is quite comical. I know my review may have seemed like I dont like this game, but surprisingly, I do! If you are looking for a game to pass the time and not take too seriously, then this is your game. So check your bargin-bin and enjoy this GI Joe - like romp with the Germans!