The Outfit is a fun relief from all the serious war sims

User Rating: 8.3 | The Outfit X360
I stayed clear away from the Outift for awile due to the reviews I read. Finally the price dropped and I said "What the hell" and bought it for $38.50. And you know what? I would've been happy with this game even if I had bought it for $59.99. The Outfit as I said is a relief from all the more real and serious war sims and offers you fictional characters that can get a brand new tank simply by putting a flare down and seeing it drop in on parachutes two seconds later. Thats what really mkes this game more different and unique, which is the whole "Destruction on Demand" deal. This feature lets you call in air strikes, vehicles, turrets, and reinforcement at any time at the expense of FUs. FUs are points you recieve when you kill enemies or blow up s***. The single player mode is damn fun but I do wish they had stages that were in snow or in a more different environment than the last. And the graphics are nice no doubt, but they do not live up to the 360's standards even with all the destruction going on. The game is easy to complete, but the most fun you'll get from this game is from multiplayer. Its addicting, and more strategic than the single player due to the fact you gotta know what to spend your FUs on. For the budget price of $39.99 I honestly think we are getting a bargain. The game is pure fun and is easy to get into with awesome multiplayer backing it.