Fallout without the soul of Fallout..

User Rating: 6 | The Outer Worlds PC

Dull, boring, mindless missions are some of the thoughts I think about when I play The Outer Worlds. I hate to say it because I LOVE the Fallout games!! I got 100% achievements in Fallout 3 and have played all the rest. The Outer World lacks the soul of the Fallout games. The music is dull and bland, unlike the 50's tracks of the Fallout games playing over the radio. Instead of awesome NCP personalities you get dumb ass characters who want you to do stupid tasks that just feel like chores. The game is incredible EASY. I had like 99 health packs that I never use and my allies always use their special abilities combined with my over-powered weapons and you can take on anything. I skipped a lot of the dialogue and there is a LOT of dialogue. Everything is a choice, a decision you must make to make the open world feel special. The planets you travel to all mush together in your mind leaving everything feeling the same. Graphics look okay, weapons and crafting are okay and armor is okay. Nothing you haven't seen before.. and/or better. Combat can be fun and exploring can be fun at times too for short amount of times in small doses.