A fun but slightly flawed Fallout-like experience

User Rating: 6 | The Outer Worlds XONE

From the beginning, The Outer Worlds uses bright and colourful graphics to its advantage. Each world is well designed, stunning and, at least from what I've noticed in my hours of playing, no issues with frame rate drops or bugs. It's obvious that they took a lot of time in crafting the world and I really appreciate that because most open-world RPGs simply don't.

The gameplay itself is very similar to Fallout but without the VAT system. There's a variation of the perk system, attributes you can level up. They keep it pretty even by not heavily favouring either the melee or ranged weapons, Although in the final act you'll definitely want ranged weapons. Armour options are incredibly limited, Hacking skills are underutilised and there's more of a focus on improving your dialogue options than anything else. It kind of makes for a one-sided gameplay style rather than letting people use their perks and attribute to craft the experience more towards their liking.

The story took me a little while to get into but I was hooked until the very end of the game. Your crew members, 6 people you recruit throughout the story, are unique and offering interesting side quests to kind of gain their loyalty in a way. The main story does feature two different endings but unless you are a completionist, There's really no need to play for the different ending since you can't play post-completion.

I noticed a very annoying difficulty curve in the final mission of the game, which was very frustrating at times. AI companions are absolutely awful, they go down quick in combat and offer nothing unique to the gameplay experience. So when picking companions for your team, it really doesn't matter who you pick as long as they have solid weapons and armour. Weapon and armour choices are very limited, it's just a matter of getting that lucky drop that ends up being a more powerful weapon or a better piece of armour. You really won't find yourself buying much in this game, aside from quest-related stuff, because none of it is really good. The game is also frustratingly short, I beat the main quest and nearly all the side missions in 14 hours.

Overall: 6/10

The Outer Worlds does a great job of crafting the world and making enjoyable characters. They do a mediocre job at everything else. The gameplay is fun and I enjoyed playing it but I think it's far from a perfect experience. Especially when compared to games like Fallout and Elder Scrolls, which have far more depth.