Great graphics and game design, but not a fun game

User Rating: 5 | The Outer Worlds XONE

I looked forward to playing The Outer Worlds, especially being a lover of Fallout games and seeing the pedigree. After about 4 hours of playing, I have to say that it's disappointing. It is a beautiful looking and sounding game and is very smooth to play. However, the more I played, the more it seems like an unnatural melding of Bioshock and Fallout that doesn't work. Like other titles I've played (Rage and Dishonored come to mind), the open world "look" reveals to only be a superficial openness and though your decisions have consequences, it just feels so linear.

I obviously have not completed the game and I may still go back and give it another chance, but I'm afraid that it will go on the shelf with the other hyped games that ultimately disappoint.