You shot 9687 pounds of meat, but could only bring back 200 you evil evil white man.

User Rating: 8.4 | The Oregon Trail PC
Do you remember Super Mario 3? The Gameboy Pocket? Sierra? All things that some of you can look back on fondly. Sure, this game is hard, your fight with all your might to keep your party healthy, even after a thief stole all your food, or a fire burned down all your clothes, you barely get by, hunting ducks and squirrels so you don't have to go all Donner Party on your friends (Donner Party Expansion coming never). Then when things start to look up, your entire party drowns in a river-crossing. Its you versus the almighty Trail Gods, and most of the time, you lose. But when you make it, you have such a feeling of accomplishment (especially when your seven years old). I guess I'm trying to say, that this game will always be a part of me, even if all you hooligans can't appreciate all the fast-paced trail action this game has to offer.