Hands down one of the best deals in gaming.

User Rating: 9 | The Orange Box X360
The orange box is 5 games in 1 for only 60$ ya its the best deal. Most of you have already played the half-life games. But if you have not you in for some great fps's. You got half-life 2, half-life 2 episode one, and half-life 2 episode two. The half-life series can be called one of the best fps's and is just so much fun all the half-life's will take you about only 10-15 hours to beat but you will be back to play them more than once.

Next up is "Portal" this game you play pretty much a lab rat. As you go through lvl by lvl you learn more about why you are here and what is going on. The point of the game is you get a portal gun and you have to port yourself through each puzzle. And there is a final boss battle which is pretty cool. You have to make your way through all kinds of objects. This game is so much fun I have already played through it like 7 times. The game will only take you about 5 hours to beat tho but you will play through this allot.

And last up is team fortress 2 the online part of the orange box. In this game you play as many different classes. There are D classes and O classes there is only a couple of game modes and my favorite mode is ctf like mode where you have to cap the other teams intelligence. This is harder than it sounds tho thanks to the D classes you can be a engineer and set up sentry guns. But this all works out well as there are healers you can play as and make it a little easier to kill there sentry's. The point of the game is really to use team work so thats really cool you have to plan stuff out with your team. The only problem with this game on the xbox 360 is there is a lag problem but they have patched it 2 times and the 2nd time pretty much fixed it but from time to time you will lag out of a game. So hands down this is the best deal in gaming history for only 60$ get it,