X-Box Fan Boys Strikes Back.

User Rating: 9.5 | The Orange Box PS3
Lets face it, if your a proud owner of the PS3 Your getting the boot this year. However, if your an owner of the X-box 360 your getting the boot right up your behind. I never seen the three ring of death on my PS3. Also, it's funny how every game plays better on the X-box 360, when the X-box 360 is less powerful as the PS3. The fact of the matter is, No one really takes the time to really look at the PS3 Power, and the X-box boys piss themselfs when they hear about that it can do. So in the end, they have to write up reviews on something to make the PS3 look bad, and the X-box 360 look golden.

Orange box Review.

I have this on the PC, and the reason why I got it on the PS3 was because I dislike Steam. I heard about how the X-box 360 was better, and the PS3 port was the scum of the earth. Lets talk about all the lies the X-Box fan boys put out.

1. The frame rate... I have a high end PC, so I know a thing or two about FPS (Frams Per Second). I can't see any frame rate drop at all in this game, on the PS3. I got into countless gun battles, and can't see anything wrong.

2. Load times...Cry me a river, the X-box 360 loads a whole 3 seconds faster than the PS3. The 360 can do this faster because the graphics had to be turned down a little for the 360 to handle it. (SCORE PS3).. The PS3 loads just as fast, and at the same load points as the Computer does. (At least my computer, with its 72000RPM hard drive). I also compaired the two side by side (Sort of my tv is 50 in, my computer has an 17 in wide screen LCD display). They looked the same, with the PC a little more crisp. (it's the same, but the PC can deliver a higher resolution.)

3. The push to talk button. the Triangle button, wow, because it's so hard for me to push a button real fast to say something (Got to make the people who have to pay money to play online happy). It does not make the game worse, in fact when I played it on my PC, I had it bound to my mouse for me to push and talk. No big deal..

The other funny thing, that X-box360 Owners have to deal with, is the game freezeing up on them. Yet it still got an 9.5... LOL, I tell you gamestop is nothing more than X-box fan boys, who are willing to over look the major problems the x-box has, just because they were to cheap to buy a better built PS3. Lets see, my system has.. Built in Wireless Internet (don't have to buy a 100 dollar wireless thingy), Blue Ray (145 dollar upgrade to HD DVD for X-box owners, and it's not even that good of an upgrade),and my PS3 comes with a 60Gig harddrive and full backward capatableity.. (yes I know sony changed it, but they had too to try and win over X-box fan boys, the PS3 thou is still a hell of a deal).

The downsides.. Really just the fact that the X-box360 Fan boys put it down without really playing it on the PS3.

End the end the PS3 Version is the by far the best to get.. Better graphics, and it runs on a better built system. The PC version is the same as this, with load times being the same.. To me there is no difference between this game, and the PC game.. The only thing I wish it would have done, would be to put Keyboard and Mouse control support for the game. Like Unreal Tournament 3 does (SCORE AGAIN for the PS3). So, yes you will deal with a longer load time (3 sec's more than the x-box 360. :-p) but in the end your getting the better version. PS3 owners don't threat, this game is a 9.5.. Everyone telling you that it sucks, only wishes they can own a PS3. I will agree that so far the X-box 360 is beating the PS3 in terms of more Great games out on the system, but that will change this coming year. Microsoft has already launched it's big game's. They will have nothing to throw at the PS3 when Final Fantasy 13, and Metal Gear Solid 4 comes out, and a ton of more great games the PS3 will offer this coming year.

It just seems like the PS3 and the X-box360 is becoming the new PC vs. Mac wars.