this is godsend to the 360.

User Rating: 10 | The Orange Box X360
The Orange Box rocks because:
-There are three single player games
-There are extra puzzle and multiplayer games

Half-Life 2 is a major improvement to the FPS. The graphics rock, the environments are fully interactive and the use of physics is brilliant. You can pick up items and use barrels as shields against the Combine forces. You move flammable barrels and cause them to be picked up by ceiling enemies. The music is pumping, the atmosphere is engaing. The underwater and ripple effects are brilliant. The puzzle gameplay is retained and is effectively executed to the FPS. The new story is interesting, you're trapped in a city full of hostile Combine and under dictatorship of some evil man. there are new driving sequences. The jumping raw chickens are back and they look more twisted and hilarious than ever.