this compilation of the games we love and already knew already is kind of an dissapointment ? ? =) anyway..

User Rating: 7 | The Orange Box PC

U Crab=) HEhehe!! .p

all the game are superbs indeed

but all the games are kinds not so great or fun

when no updates,,n osupport,,no nothing,,

and No Hl2 deathmatch in this compilation,,a Big Letdown ;( =)

solid but nothing or uniuqe new here

much more unique o nthe pc,,and why couldnt they add cs source i nthis compilation too=) ?? ;(

what about the tf2 deathmatch support of how many players?? :pp

its like quake4 xbox360,,kind of an bad port? :p

---- hl2 epidose 1 should ahve been replaced with,,hl1 blueshift deathmatch? or something haha=):p

anyway all the games are great,,but all written above not so great=)

make more mods keep

up with that=)

"Has anyone else noticed a creepy guy in a suit lurking around this Lambda complex?"

"Zombies? Is this a Michael Jackson music video, or a computer game? Wink wink!"

"Xen is pretty creepy, but I'm enjoying all this jumping so much that it doesn't really bother me."

"Take that, you big baby!"