FPS for non-FPS players

User Rating: 9.7 | The Operative: No One Lives Forever Game of the Year Edition PC
This game is what i call the masterpiece of game art : it has interesting scenario, it has locations, it has involving gameplay, it has nice graphics and moreover all of it is very well done.

In this game you are Cate Archer, ex-thief, who changed her profession and became agent of Unity spy agency. In urge for more exiting tasks she asks for "more fun" assignments. Unfortunately when her wish is finally granted, the H.A.R.M. strikes and whole world's fate is on her's shoulders.

The game takes you to most unexpected places while you accomplish your missions : from falling plane to depths of sea, from space station to underground liars. While you get to try a lot of weapons and gadgets the different tactics how to use them are suggested.

The gameplay is really involving and even non-FPS players are easy to attract to the variation of action, puzzle solving and good scenario. There is really not much to add at this point - if you didn't play it yet - you should.