This is excellent for a ps2 game but the Pc verson is the better way to go though this does have it's large share of fun

User Rating: 8.5 | The Operative: No One Lives Forever PS2
I love the pc versions of this game i did cheat slightly ate nolf2 on pc but not much but they are much better then this even contract jack which is acuelly not that bad i really wish there would be third installment really cant this is good like the second one or contract jack or the game of year edition for original or if your computer cant run original one because ur computer is not compatible games this is ok or if u just got a ps2 these days and want a few cheap games with it but this is a little bit less fun other wise just please rent it first if you are serious if u really want a great game play no one lives forever for pc or game of year verion also for pc or nolf 2,or finelly contract jack so please if u played nolf back on pc and u wanted to see this plesae trust me please get game of year version for pc or nolf2 or contract jack or regular version for pc this game is fun if u are at blockbuster and u grab it but besides that no saveing whenever u want, no multiplayer, worse sound,doesnt feel right on tv screen,ect. this game came out with no lives forever 2 that was big deal this came out about 2 months before to keep u busy.