This is a great game, Cate Archer is better than 007

User Rating: 10 | The Operative: No One Lives Forever Game of the Year Edition PC
I have this on both MAC and PC this applies to both. The gameplay is well worth the fairly long load times. The missions are complicated and immersive but amazinly fun. It is a hoot and one of the best FPS games I've played in quite a while. It is the one with the best sense of humour, the banter within the cutscenes between the Brits is quite something. After all Cate Archer is a Scot and her mentor Bruno and the rest are British secret service. The dry English humour is evident at times throught out the game.
On top of which it come with a CD of the music from the game, which is not too bad, but not something I would ever listen to except as background music when playing NOLF. I'm not sure why this was included. It's not as if any of the track sound like anything other than background music from a spy movie in the first place, but it is a nice thought.