"Story about good. Story about bad."

User Rating: 8 | The Neverhood PC
"Hello. Me JSGD. Me JSGD 2003. You read this, you do good. JSGD happy. You play Neverhood you do more good. And look out for bad.
JSGD knows, bad is always where you forget to look."

The is pretty much your typical adventure game, just with new clothes and a 1st person perspective when you move around in the outside world. You go around the Neverhood solving puzzles and find videotapes. These videotapes are the key to this game, and tells the story about how the Neverhood came into existence.

The worst part of The Neverhood is that it slow and methodical. That and its short. For an example, when your in 1st person perspective, you move slow, real slooow. This is really a downside to the game, together with the fact, that sometimes you have to go very long to go from one end to the other. The slow pace is definitely the worst part of the game.

Just like most like other of the greatest adventure games out there it is humorous, and the humour is really great, its just unfortunate that there goes so long time between the humorous bits. The best part of the game is watching the videotape you collect throughout the game.

Now, the graphics are beautiful in their own right. Since this game is made completely by clay, it definitely gives the game a great feel, something I never seen in games before. There characters animate great, especially in the cut-scenes. There are some graphic hick-ups, like compression artifacts in the video, but not earth-scattering.

The audio is where most people get off the train. The audio is really hit or miss. This isn't action-pumping music, nor is it relaxing classical music. In fact I don't know what genre; my guess would be acapella, but completely different. I quite liked it, but my guess is there would be plenty of people of would hate it. The music also constitute a problem within the game, because sometimes there just isn't any, which is really annoying.

So, all-in-all a great game, especially for established fans of the adventure genre. You should really give it a try, despite it's shortcomings.

"JSGD know that once you know this truth, then you know what to do."