Funny as hell and very addictive when you start to play it.

User Rating: 8.5 | The Movies PC
A game very original because of the idea of making movies your own, same as tycoon but i prefer it because of its ''free'' making limit of movies maybe it has a lot of limits but you cant lost the fun in it, you search and focus deeper into the game to make your studio the best of all and making your actors and movies a lot better, i can say that the form of one to make movies will in the game or give you money or going to the bottom of the barrel i mean if you get distracted with one thing in the game you dont know that your losing something in the studio, like people you are seeing hos the movie going but your not taking care that are people or actors in the waiting line and they get bother and they flee, of course you can grab them again and select them, but i would be better if you could choose them and hire them instead of gain more money to hire them and wait for them to come.