Movie makers go wild!

User Rating: 9 | The Movies: Stunts & Effects PC
Lots of people want to make movies. In the Movies you could make movies. But in the Movies stunts and effects expansion you can make spectacular movies. You may not be able to do whatever you want but you can get it pretty close.

There are a wide variety of costumes for your actors to wear and there are plenty of props and sets to have them act on.

You can make any type of movie you want. And if you want a load of fun just make attempt making a movie with a friend. You'll be sure to have a ton of good laughs. The one thing that turns me down is that there isn't a super free mode. There is the one free mode "sand box", but you cant have as much fun. In my opinion it would be fun to have a mode were you could have everything unlocked and able to use right from the start with stunt men not getting injured and actors not getting drunk etc, and you could just make a movie.

When you put the movie together don't worry about the movie not running perfectly, because you can edit the clips in the editing process, cut them to fit add sound and credits etc.

When adding final touches to the your movie it is very hard to and dialogue for the actors. First of all you have to have a microphone, and secondly if you have a mic you can barely hear what you say into it, even if you scream.

Overall the game is really good and you will get tons of fun out of it and enjoy it for a very long time, when you're playing it and when you're watching your movies.