The Movies; Addicting game with much to offer. The game makes it easy to manage your own Hollywood studio! Amazing!!

User Rating: 9 | The Movies PC
This game really draws you in.

After the first 2 days of owning the game, I've spent more then 6 hours playing it. On the family computer, that's almost all my pc time!

The graphics are excellent, and give it a sim-ish look. There can be the occasional glitch when you're trying to look into a building, and the camera options are limited, but It does it's job.

The base of the game is very simple; Make and manage the best Hollywood studio. THis may seem easy, but it's not. The game drops you right in where you need to be during the tutorial. The halp bubbles can be annoying, sometimes, but most hide a tip you didn't know before.
The sounds always work right, and the sound is simply beautifull during the awards ceremonies.

The game makes the movie buisness a breeze.

It could have some more options, but it is a must-try anyways!