A challenging Hollywood Simulation that's fun to play.

User Rating: 8 | The Movies PC
Overall, this is a fun game, about running a film studio and producing movies. There's a great deal of micromanagement required, and it's very overwhelming. It's kind-of like 'The Sims' meets 'Sim City' on a Hollywood lot. If you enjoy the game, there's a lot of replay value.

But, I wouldn't recommend it as video software. I've tried to make a movie several times and I always end up with video-soup. You have to select from a limited set of clips that come with the game, so you can't film anything original. You do have some freedom in regards to 'What prop to use' or 'Is your actor going to act scared or angry', but you have no control over the scene's plot. (The most freedom you have is the ability to record your own voice on the film.)

Some of the game-created movies are funny-as-all, but that's because they're so random and don't make any sense. They're funny if you view them as part of a game, but they suck as actual videos.

Pros: -Awesome soundtrack, very suitable and matches the era. Radio announcers are funny.
-Sims-like actors and customization. (Yes, give your actors Boob jobs!)
-Some film customization available. (Choose Ray-guns for Sci-Fi, or Gloks for Action.)
-Awards ceremonies are cool. (If you win any.)
-Lots of fun.

Neutral: -You can customize your actors eyes, hair, clothing, and all cosmetic stuff. Not really necessary, but sometimes good.

Cons: -Big Problem: There's never enough people to hire!
-(see above complaints about trying to make your own movie)
-Moving/deleting items is difficult and time-consuming, with a weird lag to boot.
-Can't make changes when game is paused, so renovating can waste years of gametime. (see 'Weird Lag'.)
-Too many costumes for everday wear. (You really only want to dress your actors in the best tuxedo, but you have to search through 500 sets of robots, lizards, and spaceman suits before you can find it. It's kind-of pointless.)
-A few obvious, confusing glitches. (ie Retired actors continue to film movie for a while after they 'retire'.)
-Memory hog. (BSOD happens every so often, and is really annoying.)
-Takes about 2 minutes to load a game but only 5 seconds to save.