Stunts & Effects is nothing more than a sub-standard expansion, though fanatics of The Movies may still like it.

User Rating: 6.5 | The Movies: Stunts & Effects PC
Stunts & Effects is an expansion pack for The Movies, which was a sim game focused around making your own studio lot and movies. Stunts & Effects brings lots of new additions to the Movies, including new costumes, a few new scenes, and most importantly, stunts. While these new additions all sound nice, they don't really add anything lasting to the Movies. This makes Stunts & effects a tricky expansion to truly recommend.

The primary new addition of Stunts & effects are the stunts and stuntsmen you can now hire to pull those said stunts off. When you have a stunt in a movie your shooting, you'll generally want an experienced stuntsman to pull it off. You CAN have your own stars try the stunts, but its at great risk, for your stars generally aren't as skilled with stunts as stuntsmen are. There's always the risk of bothcing the stunt during shooting however, which really brings your movie's rating down.

This is all great from a movie making standpoint, but not from the sim game's standpoint. Stunts & Effects actually adds absolutely nothing to the sim game. Infact, it just adds one more type of staff for you to keep track of, and the new issue of injuries to worry about.

The new stunts don't add much to the movie making either in all reality. The Movie Maker itself benefits from the fact that you can adjust the camera yourself now, which is probably the best addition to the game for most people. But there is an appalingly low number of new scenes added by the expansion, which is very disappointing.

In the end, Stunts & Effects doesn't add nearly enough to the game to be easily recommendable. If you are a fanatic for the original game, then Stunts & Effects may be worth a purchase, but otherwise, you won't be adding too much enjoyment to The Movies by getting this sub-standard expansion.

Pros: You can adjust the camera in the Movie Maker.

Cons: Doesn't add anything truely noteworthy to the game.

Recommendable for: Only fanatics for the original game need apply.