If you like the Sims, you might find this game interesting. If you don't... Stick to the management.

User Rating: 7 | The Movies PC
Well, I don't like the Sims. Looks like a waste of time, so I'll treat this one from the Tycoon player POV.
You get to start a film company and design its lot, it's finance (treated very lightly here) and the HR (also treated lightly). The main thing to do is get good actor, script a movie and start filming it.
The game does pose a little challenge as your company grows and you get to deal with quite a few actors that on the roster, plus taking care of your lot's design and maintenance, but these tasks tend to be repetitious.
But, this game has its unexplained, attracting aura. When you start, it just suck you in to do these tasks.
One more attraction is the presentation of the game - the guy in the radio , in first listening, is cynically funny, making fun of human existence in the last century. Obviously, once you start the game again, you better shut him up or here the same always-trying-to-be-so-funny jokes.
The heart of the game is actually making the movies, and here the Sims player can come alive - casting, directing, choosing costumes...
Not only that this is not a slice of pie I want to chug, creating a movie this way consumes a lot of time. I actually tried to create a 3-scene movie and it took me about 30 minutes. The movie turned to be (surprise) a piece of crap.
What drove me to try and be a better manager was the Oscars. Once you win one, you get bonuses, but the game loses credibility here, because if you are doing good from the beginning, you'll get these bonuses and still do good in the game without too much effort.
Well, I feel I slashed it a little bit ( or, maybe, too much...). This game is absolutely playable, even fun to play once or twice. If you play it more than that, you better get a job.