Great stuff here. You can do what you want!

User Rating: 9.5 | The Movies PC
This game is very fun. This game allows you to make your own movies with scenes that you can move and edit. Then you run your studio and make all the rules, which actor/actoress that you want, how good you want your film, what advertizing you want, etc.

In story mode you play as a studio that you make. You must now manage stars, make movies for to increase your profit, train actor to be better at roles, and much more. As your studio you must rise to the top with rival studios and make awesome films.

In sandbox mode you can make your studio as exactly you want and can make the best movies becuase of no limits options you can put in. Making movies is a truely awesome feature. You can add voiceovers, sound effects, subtitles, and music. The best feature about making films is that you can realease them on the movie's website where other users can comment them and you can comment their films. However, the game has some limits on scenes but the awesome feature to share movies online makes up for that.

The movies is a fun game that I recommend you all play whenever you can play.