The Movies is a good game if you don't mind using the same sets and actions over and over again.

User Rating: 7.5 | The Movies PC
I waited a long time for the movies to come out as I thought it would be exactly what i wanted.

Who wouldn't want to create their own movies and pretend to be a leading director in Hollywood?

You can to an extent do this in the game which gives the movies something but the entire game seems limited somewhat. I don't mean the normal tycoon type part of the game as it does have some fun parts and additions such as the radio presenters and the change in atmosphere as you advance through the years. I mean the advanced movie making part, the part I bought the game for.

The actual creation of movies allows you to select a scene, put voices and subtitles over them in a wide range of different sets which does give quite a lot of depth in creating a movie. The problem is that the same actions are often re-used (at least by me) and the actors are not very "controllable" as you can not freely decide where they are positioned in the scene...this can leade to an actor suddenly changing position halfway through a fight or a conversation! The entire system seems set to annoy you with actors clothes constantly being re set when you change scenes...

All of that said I wouldn't say that the Movies is bargain bin material and is worth more than $5 or £5 depending on where the person reading this comes from. It has a very good tycoon system and gives you a lot of playing time but do not expect a 10/10 movie creating game.