Extremely fun and incredibly addictive...

User Rating: 9.3 | The Movies PC
U might think that the title, 'the movies' might sound lame and stupid at first... although its exactly the opposite. First off, the gameplay is what makes the game addictive. After half an hour to and hour of playing, u suddenly get the hang of it and quickly start making money. Extremely fun, and many things in the game makes it even more exciting, like the award ceremony.

Second off is the graphics, they are not that bad, but i've seen better. Next, the music and sound effects are astunding, expecially what you expect from a game called the movies.

The only improvements that i would recommend are some options for mangement, like a map that shows you where you are, instead of having to press m and take u to the overall map.

Anyways, you must really have patience for this game because it will take you hours to get from the 1920's, to a lot more years after that... even in fast forwards.

Other than that, it was an extrodinay game, that should be announced as the game of the year in my perspective.