This is Addicting. Especially if you put your films on-line to have the world see!

User Rating: 10 | The Movies PC
There is really 3 games in one here. There is Movie Studio Tycoon mixed with a Movie Maker and a dash of The Sims.

In Movie Studio Tycoon. Its just that, laying out the studio is very important. As you progress you win more and more awards. Just trying to get your stars and your movies as high as possible on the charts is a good time.

In "The Sims" version in the game, you take care of the stars mood. Meaning they have wants and needs and their happiness is completely related to the quality of the movie they are in.

And then there is Movie Maker. It is laid out VERY well. It is difficult some times to find exactly what you need, but their still are plenty of options that keep you wanting more. Then in post production, you can edit your film, add voice, add subtitles, and add music. Then Share it with the rest of the world on-line and watch what other have made and have people review your film.

And the best part..... ITS ALL TIED INTO ONE MODE!