Been waiting two years and it was worth the wait!

User Rating: 9.8 | The Movies PC
To anybody who has ever wanted to shoot their own movies, this game is the perfect solution to the million dollar problem. As it would probably cost you close to a million to shoot and release your own movie to the theatres. Well now you can do all that in the comfort of your own home.

I have been wanting a movies game, ever since the early 90's when spielberg came out with this crummy movies game. I have been urning for one ever since. Peter M. solved my problem and after 2 years of waiting here we are.

I have not been disappointed a bit, well maybe a little bit, but its like a grain of sand on the beaches of the world compared to what I have waited for, well for a very long time. The game can be frustrating when your buildings are falling apart, but that is already mentioned in gamspots review. But other then that you can setup and shoot your own movies, and even add dialogue and music and yes it works perfectly. GREAT JOB LIONHEAD!