Not what it was cracked up to be.

User Rating: 7 | The Movies PC
I remeber a year ago when I saw The Movies being in production. It was awesome, getting to make your own movies? Kick ass, along with making your own actors, directors, scenes, dialouge, they couldn't go wrong! But they did.

The idea of the movies is better on paper then it is in play. I'll get to the "core" part of the game. Making movies, these "hundreads of possiblies" is false. There are around 200 scenes to choose from, which is great and everything but when 100 of them are basically the same thing or just flat out suck, there's no point. FOr instance for every scene there is 8 different ways for a character to enter, there's only 3 different kind of fights (Acutally there's around 12, but the extra scenes are basically a single punch) As for these sliders, they don't do much most of the time, either if you want the scene to drag on, or not drag on. It's helpful for fights and some suspeneful things but you'll find out you don't use it that much. Lionhead studios obviously didn't think ahead, unless if they wanted you to make 100 Sci Fi movies idenically and based on the same thing. If you want an action movie, it can be 20 seconds long in order for it to make sense. There are no action scenes really, comedy? Take any other scene and replace a few costumes, that's a comedy, instead of a gun, it's a wooden stick. Hilarous! Not.

Romance is ok, there are litterally 80 Horror scenes and 80 Sci Fi scenes. I wonder what Lionhead was going for, hmm. Not to mention there's only 6 action sets, and there's 18 horror/sci/fi. Thanks a lot, jerks. If you want to make a bunch of Sci Fi movies, get this game, if you don't. Then don't. Also Movies isn't even the main concept, it's the Tycoonness. Which sucks, first off you have to keep your actors "happy" and by happy I mean you have to send them to rehab every few minutes, you also have to over-pay all your actors, give them mansion of trailers when they suck at acting, and re-invent them every 10 seconds. Great way of managing things, also movies aren't made while you script them, they have to be "built" and if the actor doesn't like his mood, he'll just leave the set. After playing the first 30 years of the game (Starts 1920) I haven't had any movie touch the 2 and half marker. I had full stats in Comedy for director and actors, I took a long time to make it, and look a 2 stared movies. Somehow everyone else can make 5 stars instantly.

The awards were a cool feature, although you'll only win one most of the time. If you try not to win thsoe you'll have a better expirance, but not by much. I wanted to make a hot action thriller called Die hard 17 but I can, it ruins your dreams. Most of the game you sit around waiting for other people to do stuff. This game was so disappointing I wish I hadn't have bought it.

I keep wanting to end this review but I keep rembering things, like the soundtrack. The radio DJs you hear, they say some funny things about the VCR and WW2 however for sound effects in the game. It sounds like a balloon poping for the shotgun and the pistol is like me picking at my teeth. It sucks, I'll try summing this up:

Don't play this game.