Funny thing is... I didn't think 'The Movies' was going to be good... surprisingly, it is extremely fun and addicting!!!

User Rating: 9.2 | The Movies PC
When I first heard of 'The Movies' I thought it was going to be another dismal tycoon game...I was wrong...

When I decided to try out the game, I was surprised, literally... I didn't know it could reach my level of expectations, but it did. 'The Movies' offers an in-depth story mode with the freedom to do anything. You can be the director, producer, writer, actor/actress, even a lighting guy... sand box mode is awesome, as you have limitless resources and options. You choose your own actors/actresses, who to direct/produce, and the genre of the film you are making.

To put it short: 'The Movies' = Great game!!.... Get it!