Voted as simulation game of the year, The Movies:Stunts and Effects is a must-have expansion pack.

User Rating: 8 | The Movies: Stunts & Effects PC
The Movies:Stunts and Effects is the only expansion pack released for the incredible gameThe Movies. It features lots of new features and gives you more freedom to create your ideal movies.

Features: Amazing new stunt scenes, stuntmen, freecam which lets you have complete control of the movie-making camera, impressive visual fx and a huge amount of extra scenes, sets, costumes and vehicles.

Good Points -- Expands the gameplay of an already hugely expansive game, making it even funner than before. Loads more features. Doesn't require a powerful computer.

Bad Points -- Adds to the complexity of the game. The only expansion pack for The Movies.

Overall, The Movies:Stunts and Effects is a great expansion and anyone who has The Movies should definitely get it but it does make the game a bit more stressful.

Visual -- 8
Audio -- 7
Gameplay -- 9
Overall -- 8