One of the most addictive PC games to date, The Movies is a great game to have in your collection.

User Rating: 8.5 | The Movies PC
The Movies puts you in charge of your own studio and lets you make your own movies, create your own stars and even win awards.

Story -- Behind every box office hit and Hollywood star is a movie mogul who makes it happen. In The Movies, that Mogul is you. Create your own studio from the ground up. Direct your own movies and call the shots on budgets, actors, locations and more. From script to screen, will your films be smash hits or break the bank? It's all up to you baby.

Good Points -- Highly addictive, very expansive gameplay and also very realistic. Tonnes of customisable options and doesn't need a powerhouse computer to play on.

Bad Points -- May be a bit too stressful for some people. Very underrated.

Overall, The Movies is highly recommendable to simulation and tycoon fans but it is a very complicated game.

Visual -- 8
Audio -- 8
Gameplay -- 9
Overall -- 8.5