Dream of making movies and creating stars. This game fits the bill plus a whole lot more.

User Rating: 9 | The Movies PC
I love simulation games but when i picked this game out of a bargain bin, I wasn't convinced it would be anything to write home about. Was I ever surprised. This game is excellent - the kind of game you install then spend an entire day playing, not noticing the passage of time. Yes people complain about the management aspect of the stars but I find that's the challenge. Filling all of their wants and needs is fun - as it selling them to another studio when they become too much to handle. The controls of the game are easy to learn but building a success studio is definitely challenging. I've played through twice and can't finish in the top spot. I'm definitely willing to try again though. The only part I find cumbersome is making your own movies. I didn't spend any time on that and didn't try the star maker either. If you like hands on simulation games that don't get repetitive or boring, this is for you. Now I'm ready to add the Movies: Stunts and Effects to my game library.