This is the best game ever

User Rating: 9 | The Movies: Stunts & Effects PC
The Movies: Stunt & Effects

This game is so fun. you start the game in 1920 to 2006 though te time you will make films and unlock this packages witch contain new stuff for your studio. the best thing about this game is after you finish the game you can post your movies online were people can rate them. The best bit is if your smart you can go and put your own stuff in the game. I have played hours on this game trying to unlock everything but it so fun.

Good ponits
+Gameplay is free so you can do what ever you want
+Its got a online mode +t fun to play

Bad ponits -Game can be finished in a day
-Some of the stuff is hard to unlock I say:
It a good game and it will make you think.

Score: 10/ 10