One of the best game out there for a weekend in lockdown

User Rating: 10 | The Medium XBSX

This game was included in GamePass at launch, so I decided to give it a try given all the fuss around. Well, I could say that this game is not for everyone. It starts slow and builds up slowly to a great narrative.


1. Great Atmosphere and Graphics: it is perfectly selected to complement the great story. If you are playing on XSX, please, make sure to have a good TV to take out all out of this game. In my case I have a good LG TV but it is not OLED, so in dark scenes would have been nice to appreciate it with a good OLED TV.

2. Storytelling: it is just well done, since the slow beginning, you get involved with the main character and you want to know what´s next.

3. Sound: it is recommeded to use headphone given the type of game and situation you face. Really recommended. In my case I used the Sennheiser RS 175 and it did good.


1. Maybe the fixed camera. But it does not impact the overall experience.

The game has a good length, around 9-10 hours. So great for a weekend.

I really recommend this game to be played when you can be absolutely focused on, and there is nor distractions around you in order to be sure you will get all the intended experiences. Well done developers.