The Matrix: Path of Neo on Ps2 is an awesome game that puts you in control of Neo.

User Rating: 10 | The Matrix: Path of Neo PS2
Just as Ghost predicted at the end of "Enter the Matrix'', Neo is the one who can stop Agent Smith. You are in control of Neo and you can play him throughout levels based on the first, second and third Matrix films.

Game play:
Once again, it's a third-person fighting game that's just as fun as in "Enter the Matrix''. On the first level you escape from the office just like in first matrix film and get away from Agent Smith. Like i said before, you play throughout levels based on the first two films and work your way up to the final battle with Agent Smith.

Looks great for 64-bit. Kea-nu Reeves looks just like Neo. Trinity looks just like her. Morpheus looks just like him. Agent Smith looks just like him and along with the rest of the characters. Hitting effects, breaking effects, shooting effects, and explosion effects look great too.

Music and Sound:
Music sounds great. Sound effects are great as well.

Joystick for moving. X for jumping. Triangle for hitting. O for stunning. Square for dodging. L1 for slow-motion. R1 for shooting (if you have a weapon). R2 for bringing out your weapon and aiming.

Lasting Appeal:
It's great to play as Neo for the first time, it's a great follow-up to "Enter the Matrix'' and it's definitely one of PlayStation 2's best games. 10 out of 10.