This game won't please everyone. But it's very decent addition to both the third-person action genre and the PS2 library

User Rating: 7.5 | The Matrix: Path of Neo PS2
If you're a fan of the Matrix, then you'll likely get a real kick out of this game.

It's an epic third-person adventure in the world of the Matrix.

As you may predict, you can only play as Neo, and follow his path through this game.

The game pretty much follows the three movies tied to the Matrix franchise: The Matrix, The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions.

It covers the main scenes in the three movies, like the scene in The Matrix, where Neo has to escape his work building to get away from the Agents, who are coming to abduct him, the "Burly Brawl" fight scene from Reloaded, where Neo has to fight a busload of Agent Smiths and the final fight with Neo vs. Agent Smith in Revolutions

Although, there are a few original missions in between cut scenes (rendered with motion capture, as well as scenes taken directly from the films).

For example, the last fight in the movie was between Neo and Agent Smith in a rainy city.

Although this does happen in the game, when the fight's about to end, the game play is interrupted by a cut scene, in which two 8-Bit characters - representing the Wachowski brothers - announce that you will have to fight a new final boss: A giant "Mega-Smith", made from thousands of smaller Agent Smiths.

The control settings are fine, and pretty standard for PS2 games. But they sometimes feel slippery and uncooperative.

In one instance, I was simply moving forward with the left analog stick, and I pressed the jump button, attempting to jump forward, but instead, Neo jumps up-right.

The melee combat controls are fun to play with, and the moves you can execute - even without purchasing upgrades from the upgrade store - are incredibly detailed, and nicely animated. They all look reminiscent of what characters do in the live-action movies.

Weapon combat revolves mostly around guns. Although, there are several melee weapons you can pick up during game play, such as poles and bamboo sticks. There are even a couple of levels, in which the combat is mostly swordplay.

Also, the famous bullet-time makes several appearances in this game. You can activate this mode by holding the L1 button.

While in bullet-time, the game slows down, and allows Neo to execute more powerful moves - and they look awesome in slow-motion!

The music in this game is very similar to the score in the movies.

However, I could still play it with dead silence.

There are plenty of epic tunes, especially in the boss fights. But it's just not my type of groove. The music, I can do without.

The sound effects for the guns, the punches and kicks are rather generic, but that's rightfully so. They are also almost identical to the sound effects you hear in the fight scenes in the films.

If I'm correct, not one person from the movie did their own character's voice-over in this game. But the sound-a-likes are very good at imitating the live actors' voices. And the actual voice acting is very good, to say the least.

Final Verdict:
This game is a fun ride from beginning to end.

After you beat it, there's really not much reason to play it again. When there's nothing left to accomplish, you can still go back at any point, and replay any of the levels you've completed.

Path of Neo is a solid, epic spin through the Matrix. It's definitely worth a go.