Could have been so much better

User Rating: 6.5 | The Matrix: Path of Neo XBOX
I really wanted to believe there was, floating somewhere out there, an excellent Matrix game waiting to be discovered. Unfortunately, Path of Neo ain't it.

The game play is smooth, but sometimes can feel a bit awkward or downright frustrating. While the game's package boasts over 100 martial arts moves, the plain simple fact is that either they were lying or I'm not pressing the buttons in just the right combination. There are various guns, grenades, and explosives in the game, but most of them are plain worthless unless you absolutely need them; for the most part you can simply bash the Y button until an enemy stops moving. And while trying to protect your worthless ally character from multiple attackers, pressing the Y button is just as likely to make you fly off in the completely opposite direction you need to be going. The story is at best incoherent; the clips from the movies are sliced and diced in such an order that you have no idea what's going on. To further muddle the storyline, several parts, including jumping from place to place in a platforming-type level floating in the abyss and the "Red Pill Rescue" series of missions, do not take place in the movies. The graphics get the job done, but they're certainly nothing to write home about, even by the standards of the time.

The bottom line is that this game could have been so much more if just a few simple problems had been caught and fixed during production. Although it isn't a bad brawler to while away the time with, especially for Matrix fans (like myself), but after a few levels I'm usually ready to play something different.