The truth about this game. This review has everything you need to discover the game trully how it is (no spoilers).

User Rating: 7.5 | The Matrix: Path of Neo PC
So, let's get the obvious things out of the way, this game IS NOTHING like Enter the Matrix (ETM), the only thing that reminded me of ETM is the way you kill enemies from behind. In my review i will compare this game with other games and with the movies.

Aspect of the game : I thought the game will be the exact copy of the movie, but it seems i was wrong, not only that it has new adventures that are not shown in the trilogy, it also modifies (slightly) the scenes from the movie.
So, you start the game by chosing the blue or red pill, this is a bit funny cause in the movie that happens later. After selecting the red pill, you end up fighting a series of bad guys so you can determine the difficulty you will play on, this is pretty cool, not all games have this. After doing that, you will play as Thomas A. Anderson escaping the Agents. In this part there are some stealth elements, but they aren't so great. After you finish this part, you will be introduced to a series of training programs, believe me, a lot of training, from hand-to-hand, sword combat to gun fights. When you finish the training it seems the game is going in the wrong direction, it seems boring, no real goal, graphics look awfull and you didn't see anything that was in the movie. Well, things are going to change soon.

Before analizing the game, let's talk about graphics, sounds...

Graphics : I gave it a 6, but many of you would not agree with me, you would say the graphics are bad, everyone says that, yea sure they are bad if you compare it with other game, that part is obvious, but most people don't see the rest, come on, just look at the envoirements, EVERYTHING can be destroyed, everything can be torn apart, lot of smoke, lots of bullets, this part of the graphics reminds me of FEAR. So... stupid graphics, great envoirements.

Sounds : The guns and bullet sounds are amazing, exactly like in the movies, and probably like in reality, also slow motion sounds are great. Music is great, but you only hear it at fights, too bad... The only thing standing between the sounds and a 10 are the voices, they are not from the actors, and they also sound a bit lame. Except that, everything is great, so a 7 for the sounds.

Value : Enter the Matrix and most games become really boring after playing for a few hours, but this game seems to keep you entertained because of the abilities you gain (read more on "Gameplay"), the only thing boring in this game are the fights with the bosses that regenerate their lives (read "Gameplay"). An 8 for value.

Gameplay : Let's start.

Weapons : You have a lot of melee weapons which you don't use to much, that's bad, and despite the line "guns, lots of guns" this game DOESN'T have that many guns, simple pistols, grenades, smg, rifle, and grenade launcher, so this is VERY BAD.

Slow motion : I thought slow motion will be an important part of the game, but it seems it isn't, slow motion is actually FOCUS, so you will use it to do cool moves, and not to make throws more powerfull. Slow motion occurs automatic when you do something special, you won't be needing it anywhere else, believe me.

Moving : Most people complain about the cameras, i don't get it, it seems normal to me, it's just like the other games of this type, it's just like in Max Payne or Prince of Persia. Walking on walls is not such a big part of the game like it was in ETM, you only use the walls for special attacks.

Shooting : Most people say that shooting in this game is terrible, well... it is, it doesn't have auto-targeting, it's rather hard to actually hit anything maybe because of the sensibility, i usually play FPS with a low sensibility, but this game doesn't have one, the lowest is very high (maybe just for me). Slow motion will make you see bullets and the trail they leave, but it won't help you aim better, not that much anyway.

Envoirements : Things are very different from ETM, the places you fight are larger (this makes wall-running useless),and of course with things to destroy, a lot of things to destroy.

Fighting and special moves : Fighting is the most important part of the game, unlike the lack of weapons, you have a A LOT of moves to chose from, in fact, you have ALL the moves from the film, if you've seen something in the movies, it can be done in the game as well. The moves aren't easy to do, but they aren't very hard either, this is definetly NOT a click 'n watch game, you do have to think about what you are doing or what you are going to do, even in easy difficulty. Basicly you have a throw and a stun button, you can throw punches and kicks, but most will not succed, that's why you need the stun button (this doesn't succed all the time either). You can fight just using the first click, but this won't be easy to do when you fight more difficult enemies... that's where the stun button comes in. You stun the enemy and then you have a series of moves to do, these moves are done a bid harder and will change at the middle of the game, so you will not see the same moves over and over again, now this is VERY good. You will have to choose special moves over the game, this will makes the game less boring, you will always have something new. Fighting multiple enemies is also a VERY important thing, and very fun, you ever wanted to do the cool moves Neo does when fighting the 3 agents or when he fights the Smiths ? well, this is your chance to do them, very very very cool.

Special things : By special "things" i mean things like being able to see the Matrix as code and the other abilities Neo has. Code vision isn't very imporant, you can use it to see the enemies that are behind a wall or a door, but you don't really need to, it's not like they will disappear, you still have to fight them. Even if it's not very usefull, it still is awsome (BTW - they made Seraph look the same with everybody in code, while in the movie the code is goldish). Another cool thing is that Neo can dodge bullets, just like in the first movie on that roof top, but you will not be able to do this anymore after you unlock the "stop bullets" ability. Stoping bullet's or dodging them isn't very usefull cause bullets don't hurt you that much, but it still looks cool. A lot of people ask about flying, dissapointing, this ability isn't available. I also wanted the fly ability, but the anti-gravity jump is really great, trust me, you jump very high. These special "things" aren't very usefull, but they sure make the game a lot better, don't know why, maybe just for me cause i'm a Matrix fan...

Enemies : Well... this is a very important part of the game, and i can say they made it just right. There are a lot of enemies, normal guards, police officers, police with shields, swat teams, agents, Merovingian's soldiers, Smith, and many more. At first you only fight the police, the first encounter with an Agent is more like a "run for you life" kind of action, which is nice. But as you play the game, enemies become stronger, but don't worry, so will you (read Overall). Also different enemies require different fighting style to take down.

Story : This game has it all, hand-to-hand combat, weapon combat, and the puzzles that most of the games these days have. Yep, it's not all fighting and shooting, there are parts in the game where you have to use "the muscle that matters". The story isn't boring, the only thing lame about it is the end (which i won't spoil). Maybe it's just me, but it seems lame, anyway, i was surprised to see who showed up at the end of the game, and so will you probably.

Overall : In the movie, The One is very powerfull, and this is how he is in the game too, it's very hard to get yourself killed from one point of the game (after you revive and kill Smith), bullets, kicks and punches hardly damage you, only special moves, the grenade launcher and melee weapons will deal enough damage to cause real troubble, this is nice cause it's just like in the movies. But beware ! Agents will always pose a threat, they are not so easy to kill. I was saying "from one point of the game", THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT : at the middle of the game everything changes, your moves change, you are faster, stronger, you now kill enemies faster, and very important, the Agents are upgraded, so they are a real threat, they regenerate. You might thing regeneration for enemies sucks, and it does, but still, they shouldn't be very easy to kill. So, fights are longer than expected, that seems good, but later you will find them to be too long. Most of your enemies are weaker when you almost killed them, but there are enemies that are tougher when they are low on life. Despite that ETM didn't had that many fights with strong enemies, this game has a lot of them, at one point, you will end up fighting only Agents and enemies that will block most of your attacks and will counter the one's you succed.

Tilt : The gameplay is more than cool, awsome or great, it's outstanding, you can play this game for 10-20 hours and still won't be able to master all the moves, the difficulty of the game is just right, and learning the hang of it can be done in 1-2 hours. Graphics are bad, sounds are good, value is also good, so... 7 for Tilt.

This game is NOT a click 'n watch game like ETM was, and it manages to have new stuff for you, so you will not get bored. Also most people complain about not having a save option... well sure i think checkpoints should've be placed more often, but i don't think you need a quick save option. The only thing missing in this game is Multiplayer, too bad... But i gues that's a job for Matrix Online...

The game has 3 (i think) difficulty levels : Easy, Normal and The One, Easy is easy, Normal is normal and The One is hard :) So, the difficulty is just right. You need about 10 minutes to understand how everything works, but it will take you more than just a few hours to master all the combos, after 20 hours of play i still find new combos that i do by mistake lol.

This game is incredible. I rated it as underappreciated because it has everything you need (except graphics) and people say it's a bad game, no it isn't, just open your eyes and see that it's very original and very complex.
Most of the games made after movies aren't very good, but this game is an exception.

Suggestions : If you are a fan of the Matrix trilogy, then this game is for you ! If you like fighting, and cool moves, then this game is for you ! If you like shooting people, then you should at least try this game. If you just want something new, then it's the perfect game for you. If you want a cool science fiction story and you haven't seen the movies, then this game is for you. If you are a graphics dependent gamer, then this game, i'm afraid is not for you.

Have fun playing, i know i did.