A fun game that is marred by some technical issues.

User Rating: 7.5 | The Matrix: Path of Neo PS2
The matrix path of neo is rather good action game from shiny. The action is rather simple action game layout that works quite nicely. The game has interactive environments and rag-doll physics that produce some great moments. Though not many of the character models are detail that really is no concern except during cut scenes.
The fights are fun and none to difficult and are very fun to watch despite their simplicity. Overall the game is easy with the exception of one or two levels. There are also a few frustrating glitches that may cause you to have to start a level over but you do not encounter these that often. Thankfully almost no glitches are encountered if you do not go after the extra content. My main problem in this game is that despite the extensive training you get with melee weapons you will rarely ever use them. So, if you're are board and see this in a bargain bin pick it up if not rent it.