Sometimes I just think to myself, "Why didn't I take the blue pill?"

User Rating: 6 | The Matrix: Path of Neo PS2
Had I taken the blue pill when Morpheus offered me, I would've finished this game 10 hours earlier. Then again, had I taken the blue pill, I would've been left with a really cool game introduction and that's about it. That's definitely not enough to review Path of Neo. It's true, I almost feel embarrassed to admit that I enjoyed this game very much, but I still have to be honest and say this game isn't perfect. It's got a lot of pot holes.

First of all, PoN is a game that revolves around the story of Neo and the events of the three Matrix films. This is all accompanied by scenes directly taken from the movies. It begins with Neo choosing whether he wants to continue living obliviously in the Matrix and never questioning reality, or discovering firsthand the truth about the world that surrounds him. One really cool part about this is that you can actually choose for yourself, which technically ends the game prematurely are you to choose the blue pill.

Apart from the most obvious, being that you play as Neo as you reenact some of the most famous fight scenes from the movies, this game also comes with a lot of fillers which make the experience more interesting. At the core, PoN is really just an action adventure game/game adaptation of a film or in this case, three. What's good to know is that the gameplay is pretty solid. There're a lot of combos and special attacks that sometime leave you with a wow face. Many of the abilities in the game are received automatically as you progress through the story. You can then choose to upgrade them in the order you desire, but it basically ends with everything maxed out.

Unfortunately, although the gameplay is good and full of crazy action, it's all pretty ugly, much like Enter the Matrix. Character models are nice at a distance or when moving at light speed, but when you get close enough to see them, it's all pretty nasty. Enemies for one, are all pretty much the same after a while and there's something seriously wrong when everyone walks around like they have something up their butt. I'm still convinced though that it's a decent experience mostly for the following.

The overall presentation of the game is pretty well done. The soundtrack is very fitting and it's very comforting to know that it's all completely written and directed by the same guys that directed the movies. That's not to say that the ending is just absolutely ridiculous. I'm not spoiling it for you, but I just wish I could see your face if you happen to see it for yourself.

I hate to say it, because it mostly gets said but, this is probably just a game for Matrix fans. I may be wrong however. I do believe that if you're interested in the Matrix you might just want to at least try this out. It's easy to learn and… well, I don't imagine anyone playing long enough to master it, but whatever.