This game make me very angry.

User Rating: 5.5 | The Matrix: Path of Neo PS2
Ok so we have Unfair mario, Cat Mario and other rage game. Wait. Why did i just write this? It´s very simple. I play these two game and i was pretty calm all the gameplay. But this.... This is the deal. If i wanna be angry again this is first thing what i wana play. This game was realesed in 2005 and first when i saw it(i was 15 years old i really love Matrix universe), so when i saw it i really want this game, but i dont have PS2 and my PC wasnt too much good. After 7 years i put disc what i buy on my PS2 and what i saw? Really ugly graphic. I know it´s 7 years old game but even in 2005 is really bad. But never mind i start new game and? What the hell with controls? R1 is aiming and R2 is shooting? What? Combat is only hiting two buttons(yeah i can push everything and everyime something was happen, but is really anoying). So broken control is really annoying and the it´s start. I screaming at screen, and trying pushing every button, but sometimes happen Neo do everything what i dont want. Another thing what really annoying is ending. Ok that boss is pretty enyojable but what the hell is Wachowski brothers comment? Thats was suppose to be funny? And ending with "We are the champions" is pretty lame. I like that music but it´s just not fit. This game is mess, and it´s shame because there is probably never gonna be another Matrix game. Shiny make Enter the Matrix and it is more enjoyable than this.