the matrix path of neo,,marks yet another exciting,,twisted journey from start to finish,,with many thrilling moments;)

User Rating: 8 | The Matrix: Path of Neo PS2
hey i like or love the matrix,,regardless what others say,,

this is a nice enough maxtrix game title,,often it is more than nice,,

on how well it plays off,,,it plays very well ,,though not all moments in this game is exiting,,mostly are;)

game follows mostly the movies but in some ocations play a little different and adds a little bit of more new to matrix;D ,,

there is just enough variety in this game from,,different paths,,different style of gunplay and solving things,,many decent weapons here on the display;)

graphics may not be the best,,but in the end it is good enough;)

slowdown time and all that stuff is so nice;) it is exelent,,fighting with guns or other things is a blast;)

there is unique missions in the game,,as well as fights and so on;)

beatufiul rendered graphics and levels to play on,,cutscenes are nice and used from the movies ofcourse;),,to sum it all up it is an outstanding title and superb,,for the most part,,can be ocationally challing though,,so keep it up and be on your toes at all time and costs;p,,

options are nice,,soundtracks are still unqiue here,,awesome;D ;)

boos fights are nice;D ,,some clever dialogs here ofcourse,,

follow neo's path and u will win;),,

they added new things to do in this game,,nice touch,,

all in all a clever and smart game;D and cheers;9 ;D,,

A++ and one -minus,,camera not the best,,but good enough and or great;pp,,

well done,,have fun;p