Too broken to play

User Rating: 1 | The Matrix Online PC
I was playing City of Heros in the states when i heard about this MMO. I was of course excited and interested so i kept looking into it and everytime i read or watched something about it i kept saying to myself "this is the game", the ONE (game) if you like.
So the game is released and i buy it, install it, register it and create my first character. After a few hours i relised the level of bugs in the game were staggering and the difficulty was emmense.

I remember...
...When you couldn't even walk from the pavement to the roads without invisible walls stopping you.
...When enemies could fight you all at once and you could only fight them one at a time.
...When Enemies would follow you for miles and your aggro range was so high, that if you stood on the roof of a building you could aggro mobs.
...When they killed Morpheus.
...When the BEST thing to do ingame was break items down into code and make more items.

Despite all of this and how much i eventually hated the game, I do remember being able to change your skills when you wanted so you could move from karate to judo etc in a mere second. You could also create the skills needed to arm yourself with better weapons, you could create clothing for yourself and your crew. the crafting side of this game was really great, just the game was bugged and it sucked as a result.

A total letdown for me I am sad to say.