A great cinematic storyline, HUGE city to explore, and just plain fun!

User Rating: 9 | The Matrix Online PC
This game was worth the money. The city was HUGE, and not only that, but you could go into ANY sky scraper you see, ANY house, or ANY place you want. There is so much variety to the different places, the combat is amazing. The way your character fights resembles the way Neo fights in "The Matrix: Reloaded". Your inventory has TONS of space. One con is that it's extremely hard to find other players. Maybe because they're in buildings doing these amazing missions, or that they're just offline. The only reason people quit the game is that there weren't other players, and that is still happening. Playing with others is one of the ways to have fun with the game, and if you play by yourself, it's practically like a single-player game, which is still fun, but you'd miss the idea of the MMO. There is great customization with characters, the in-game world is like New York, it's HUGE. If you do not believe me, download the trial! Just go to the official Sony website, pick a trial to download, click on the trial, once you finish downloading the Sony station launcher, cancel the download for the trial and instead click "Show all games" and click on "Matrix Online" then the game will automatically download. You must make an account with Sony to do this, though. Have fun!