Definitely BETTER than when it Launched

User Rating: 7.3 | The Matrix Online PC
I first tried Matrix Online (MxO) when it first launched and was quite excited about it. However the poor combat system really turned me off to it. It was basically a "rock, paper, scissors" type system that really didn't make much since. Frustrated I gave up on it after about a month. Then I heard about the new combat upgrade it got last year and decided to give it another go. The new combat system was GREAT and game became very fun! The only probably though is the lack of content and being restricted to certain areas due to large groups of higher level NPCs around every corner. The missions at first are fairly fun, but after awhile, it's the SAME mission, killing the SAME NPCs, in the SAME building (graphics wise) over and over and over again. Some times I just wanted to go out and explore on my own, but the higher level NPCs that seemed to infest areas I had not yet ventured in thought that was a bad idea and dog piled me. The live events in game are VERY well done and the game does have an excellent story line to it. All in all it a great game, however it just get very repetitive fairly quick.