Amazingly boring game.

User Rating: 2.2 | The Mark PC
A run-n-gun shooter with no story and lame main characters that fails to impress in any department. The game is no fun and playing it is actually a chore. Apart form the game's somewhat mediocre graphics quality, there is something about this game's graphics that is highly tiring to look at for longer periods of time. The game AI is one of the worst I've seen in any FPS game ... maybe the worst. Regarding the game difficulty -- it could be described as EASY (basically bad guys come in hordes and commit suicide by throwing themselves right in front of your firing gun), but it can also be described as HARD in a sense that you eventually start fighting your own urges to quit playing the endlessly repetitive scenario. Sometimes it's just plain fun to play a mindless FPS without a deep involvement and immersion in a game and there are of course many mindless FPS games, but very few of them manage to be less fun and more chore-like than this one. Anywho ... skip it unless in your personal life you are working on increasing your willpower and persistence (both of which you'll need in great quantities to go beyond the second or third mission in this game).