The Mark totally misses the mark altogether.

User Rating: 1 | The Mark PC
I wish I could give a rating less than 1, a zero would be more appropriate. I have a very fast system but the frame rate on this game is the worst that I have ever seen, it stays below 15 FPS with all effects turned on. Most of my games run 60 fps at minimum. Considering such a low rate, the game is near impossible to play. There is so much lag time that it constantly caused me to get killed. I am a great player on Joint Operations, always in the top 10 for whatever clan that I belong, so ability is not a factor. I can't stand being delayed from playing with meaningless cutscene garbage. This game is loaded with it. Besides that, the scenes have no good purpose, it seems to be idle chit chat with no substance. At least it delays one from having to jump right in to playing such a miserable game.

Considering the directory structure, this game must have been written using 3D Game Creator, an engine that should not, and is not, a serious gaming engine. It is slow, takes forever to load, and the graphics are terrible.

Even though one can reassign keys, it doesn't all work. I use a Nostromo pad and program all actions the same for ever game I play. I do not have to remember dozens of layouts for all of the games I play. However, with this miserable piece of garbage, only some of the keys can be changes, even though they are in the game menu as changeable. I will have to remember in the future to NEVER purchase a game from this company. How embarassing can it be to produce such a sub standard product. Obviously, they do not care about their company or image. This game is a joke and should not be purchased. The company needs to go bankrupt so no one else will be ripped off. The cover of the box makes it look like a fantastic game, however, first time you play it, you will uninstall it. It also boast about it being a multiplayer game. What a joke, there is no one playing it, and no one should. I'm going to contact the company and ask for my money back. I wouldn't even put this thing on ebay for ANY amount. This would sure get you negative feedback for selling such a lousy piece of crap.