The Mark Cheats For PC

  1. Cheat codes

    Press ~ to bring up the console, then you can type the following console commands:

    mucha 0 disable flying
    god 0 disable god mode
    invisible disable invisibility
    wireframe 0 disable wireframe view
    mucha 1 flying
    god 1 god mode
    drawfps 0 hide fps
    drawhud 0 hide HUD
    invisible 1 invisibility
    globaltimespeed 1 normal game speed
    globaltimespeed <number> set game speed
    health <number> set health to <number>
    drawfps 1 show fps
    drawhud 1 show HUD
    globaltimespeed 0.5 slow motion (half game speed)
    wireframe 1 wireframe view

    Contributed by: pingvin66666