The prequel to Myst

User Rating: 9 | The Manhole CD-ROM Masterpiece Edition MAC
This was a great game back in the eighties when I was still able to play it (newer operating systems have rendered it unplayable). It had a funny adventure feel to it. It is basically just like Myst but does not take place in the same location as Myst does. There is talking rabbits you see who give you ideas of where to go. There is a drink that makes your big and small just like in Alice in wonderland. There are some just all-out funny events that occur as you point and clink directions around this odd little world you are suppose to explore. The reason for this adventure is not known and it doesn't matter that much though because you are just looking for new dialog and more entertaining events to happen. If you like Myst or anything else that requires no attacking and is all adventure. I believe this helped make Cyan the company it is today.